Celebrities Who Were Also War Veterans


It is said that around 70 million troops served in the war as a part of the Allied Forces during WW II. This massive deployment included actors, authors, musicians and athletes who served in the war for their country in a time of need.

The war affected at such an extent to just not people on the ground, but also people working in the factories to create products to aid the troops. A lot of them left their families behind, risking their lives to join the battle grounds.

A lot of war veterans are alive to tell their heroic war stories which includes some of the famous names of today. I have a compiled a list of some famous celebrities who have played a vital role during the war.

J.D. Salinger

J.D Salinger is one of the most famous author who used his multi-lingual skills to interrogate war prisoners which was a part of counter-intelligence division.

Alec Guinness

The famous actor Alec Guinness who is famously for his role of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars trilogy has also served during the war.

James Doohan

James Doohan was famous for his role in Montgoemry Scott in Star Trek was shot six times after the D-Day invasion. The shot to his chest was stopped by a cigarette case. One of the wounds resulted in the amputation of his right middle finger, which he later concealed as an actor.

Beatrice Arthur

This famous actress was enlisted as a truck driver for the Marines, a personality appraisal sheet described her as argumentative, and Over Aggressive.

Gene Autry

This singing cowboy was first introduced into the Army Air Force during a live radio broadcast at the Pentagon’s request.

Arthur C. Clarke

This science-fiction in 1945 had suggested a satellite communication system. This had earned him Franklin Institute’s Stuart Ballantine Medal.

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