All You Need to Know About Video Interviewing


As a candidate, if you have the opportunity to participate in a Video Interview, I say go for it. It should be an interesting opportunity to practice your interviewing skills. It would be great if the organization gave you an opportunity to review it.

Keep in mind if they allow you to review, you should not have any expectation that you can change your answers or redo the interview. Use any review as feedback for yourself. Allow it to help you sharpen your skills and prepare for future interviews. Especially if you have the opportunity to continue in the hiring process.

Coaching Tips:

  1. 1. Preparation is critical before showing up for any interview. I want to emphasize the need for preparation if you are going to be sitting in front of a camera. How you show up will matter. As I stated in my Video Resume posts, hiring managers will have the opportunity to stop, start, rewind a Video Interview.
  2. 2. Identify as many key questions that may be asked by the hiring organization. Prepare your answers, but dont memorize them. You must know who you are and what you bring to the table.
  3. 3. Ensure alignment in your answers. What you say out of your mouth must match what is on your application, cover letter and resume. Anything that you embellish will omit you from the process.
  4. 4. Personal grooming and hygiene are important. You are on camera. So make sure you look good! Brush your teeth! Check your tie, your hair, your face in general to ensure you dont have any lunch residue!
  5. 5. Smile!
  6. 6. Manage your energy level. Overly energetic can be as detrimental as overly lethargic. If you are generally a quiet person, find energy. If you were on the pep squad, you may need to check some of your energy at the door.
  7. 7. Have fun!! Enjoy the process.

What Would You Do To Get the Interview?

Resume Taped to Dunkin Donuts Box

“I found the perfect position in affiliate marketing here in the Clearwater, Fla. area this week and applied through I didn’t hear back right away so I sent a message through the contact us page on their site. Then I sent a LinkedIn message to connect with the owner of the company.

And then it came to me. I had to shamelessly bribe them. So I delivered a box of a dozen glazed Dunkin Donuts to their office and taped my resume to the top. The front desk attendant took the resume and thanked me for the donuts. She promised to hand deliver the resume to the boss.

Now I’m sitting back, waiting for the phone to ring.”

Coaching Tips:

  1. Differentiation is important in the hiring process. If you look like everyone else, you probably won’t get the job.
  2. Persistence is equally important when you have the job you want. Don’t stop pushing or looking for creative ways to get yourself in front of the decision maker. Understand that your level of professionalism may determine the outcome of your persistence.
  3. Sitting and waiting for the phone to ring is the wrong strategy. Especially if you are confident you will get in to see the decision maker. Preparation is what you should be doing. What do you want to say when you get the meeting? The box of donuts is only good for about 30 seconds max. Are you the Ideal Candidate? You may only get one opportunity to say what you want to say. Your message must be chock full of value for the company you are attempting to get in. What is the most critical thing you could say that will differentiate you from any other candidate he/she has met? If you don’t know the answer to that question, sitting and waiting for the phone is the wrong approach. Get busy!


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