Dark under-eye circles are those beauty marks on our face which are a nightmare to most of them and especially for girls. People try out a lot of beauty treatments and homemade remedies but still fail to remove the dark circles effectively.

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Here are some of the tricks which you can use to get rid of the dark under-eye circle.

Always Wear Sunscreen

Normally the skin below your eyes is pretty much thin and is probably prone to hyperpigmentation which is sun-induced. Basically, people apply sunscreen to protect their skin from the sun but applying a sunscreen can prove to be irritating if it gets into your eyes. So it is advisable that you use a non-drippy or sticky formula which won’t migrate.

Use A Retinoid

One should always look for a cream which is specially formulated for the eye under-area. You can go for an eye cream which consists of retinoid corresion. It consists of vitamin A derivative which will fade away the dark pigments and increase the production collagen which makes skin less transparent so that the dark circles are not visible.

Don’t Overdo It

Sometimes the best and ideal things also can go wrong if it is overused than a limit. Too frequent use of eye creams can tend to leave you with red, flaky rings around your eyes which tend to turn gray or brownish as they heal. So it is advisable that you don’t overdo in using your eye creams in order to vanish the dark under-eye circles rapid as doing this can urge into negative results.

Choose The Right Makeup Remover

When you try to remove your liner, by rubbing your skin, it is likely that you are causing inflammation and capillary damage as both are a major cause of dark circles. Instead, use cleansing oils which melt down your eye makeup with the least amount of rubbing.

Cool Down

Washing your face with hot water may lead to worsening of puffiness and create dark circles around your eyes. So it is pretty much advisable that you wash your face using cold water in order to remove dark under-eye circles.

Look For Brightening Ingredients

Ingredients such as kojic acid, vitamin C, arbutin and daisy extract tend to interfere with the production of melanin that too without riling up sensitive skin. If all those ingredients don’t work then you can ask your doctor to prescribe a skin which contains hydroquinone which can prove to be vital in skin lightening.

Take An Antihistamine

In the case of allergies, your body releases histamines which can tend to cause swelling and broken, leaky capillaries under your eyes. So in order to stop this reaction, it is advisable that you use antihistamine and various caffeine-based creams which can help you vitally in shrinking blood vessels which can swell with and allergic reaction.

Try out all these remedies while you face the problem of dark under-eye circles and in no time you will tend to see its positive results.