Evidence Of Knowledge

Try to provide some evidence that you actually know what’s in that paper and that you value it yes what about the threats to validity session where do you go down connects to validity tell me a bit about what you mean you have an approach but your approach is not sound it works in particular situations it’s not it is not because you’re comparing with somebody in yeah but it’s better it’s just your solution doesn’t define jigglers right so you’ve got an ax which is good for cutting down trees but not very good for chopping vegetables yeah so say this yeah that’s sort of weird oh so I would my instinct is always to you’re leading to the idea right you might want to say on your path you might like to say you know we’re going to focus on building on cutting down trees and we vegetables are important as we discuss in related work right. Find out useful info on researches at Edusson.

So as you go on your path your forward referencing to your related work section or your evaluation section to say yeah I know I know we don’t do everything and I’m going to discuss more there but I don’t want to get derailed right here so for referencing all this and then you would have a sort of a slightly because it’s easier to do that big picture sort of you know were we in the vast firmament of computer science when you have all the scaffolding that make sense what else okay so related work well so now that was them let’s see so we still haven’t done the payload of the paper we’ve done introduction and related work we have done much of the paper but in some ways the the body of the paper kind of writes itself that’s not the stuff that’s so so hard to write so the only thing I really wanted to say about this middle chunk is think about your readers and this is a bit similar to what they’re saying about giving a good talk try not to recapitulate your journey you were wandering in a maze filled with blind alleys and Dragons and you know rotating knives which you wandered into right.

And it’s rather tempting to lead your reader into the you know the alleyway with the rotating knives just to see how they get chopped up as well and I’ve read papers in which I have plowed through a page and a half of technical material thinking this is essential and then at the end they say does that turned out to be a really bad idea we have a much simpler approach it’s really annoying when you do that right really annoying see that’s what the paper is for is to avoid the heavy lunch at so don’t we capitulated journey just lead them straight to the goodness there is an exception to that if you’re wandering through you know you’re taking your Vita by the hand and you’re leading them through the maze and you go past this door and through the door you see this vista of gardens and flowers and honey bees and lions and lambs lying down together and you just these imposters.

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