Keywords For Research Project

You want to make sure the keywords reflect what’s in your study and that there are searchable words so if someone was searching for your particular document that they would be likely to put in these keywords I’m sorry sometimes conference organizers or journals will ask for all calls for proposals will ask ask for contract contact information the names of all the authors or presenters and sometimes short buyers and I’m going to show you an example of that you may also be asked to anonymize your abstract and this is where you would separate the author page from the abstract page and you want to make sure that the abstract the doesn’t contain any information that identifies you and this would be if the abstract was going to be blind peer-reviewed so here’s an example of a conference abstract that I submitted so this is a real conference abstract and the conference asked for this layout. Read more on correct keywords on Edusson.

You can see there’s a very specific layout just for the title of contact details a bio whether or not it was an individual presentation a poster or roundtable symposium and their marks the conference organizers might have different specifications for for abstracts for each of those different kinds of presentations they also asked as to identify what our requirements would be here’s the abstract itself and this abstract I wrote before I had conducted the room the analysis I had collected the data but I hadn’t conducted the analysis and I wasn’t really sure at this point how how the paper was going to be focused and you can actually see that in the abstract it’s it’s a little bit unfocused but if you have a look at the first sentence I’m trying to attract people who would be interested in literature reviews and graduate student writing so that’s up front there in the first sentence I’ve provided sources because this was a conference abstract and and it’s a standalone document so I have to convince my readers without the paper some conferences will give you a word count for the actual abstract and then you can submit references separately.

Others will only give you a specific word count and then you know you won’t be able to use references so you need to look at that because some applications you do online and there’s an online box and the box takes X number of character and if you go over the character it will be deleted if you go over the character limits it’ll be deleted so you need to check that I just went to yup so if you have a look at the components in here I have situated it within literature and I’ve used one of these literacies which is a conceptual framework you may not know this but then there’s links to a conceptual framework but I haven’t gone into it in any detail so if we go a bit further down the purpose was of this research was to explore a further purpose was there I’ve got the conceptual framework.

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