Unemployed? Congratulations! “You’re Hired”

How in the world do you have fun when you are unemployed and the pressures of this life demand that you find a job? It seems like an oxymoron and at some level it is, but finding a job can be fun if you shift your paradigm.

First, I believe the old adage that says, “when one door closes another will open.” When you lose a job -whether voluntary or not, take a moment and enjoy the break. Enjoy the freedom and begin to think about what you want to do next.

I was standing in line at a job fair back in February and one of the hosts came out to speak to the job seekers. What he said was profound. He basically told everyone “don’t limit yourself to just a few organizations you think you want to work for. Visit most if not all the tables. Be open to the possibility that there is a job available that you may not have considered and check it out. You may find an opportunity that you may otherwise miss by ignoring or assuming this company or that company doesn’t have what you are looking for.”

Finding a job can be difficult and even discouraging. Below is a previous post I wrote early in this process of blogging so I know many of you haven’t read it.

If you are unemployed, your new job is to find a job.Your job, should you choose to accept it is to find a job. Most people work an 8 hour day. How much time you spend working your new job is completely up to you. But I am convinced that whatever time you invest in your job search will be a direct correlation of how quickly you get fired from this job and hired by a company who will pay you for your work.

My recommendation is that you spend a minimum of 20 hours per week working on your job search. If you want results, than work more. Make sure you are organized in your approach. Get out of bed EVERY day and get a shower and get dressed for work. Dedicate a place to work. You need a computer. If you don’t have one available at home, go to the local library. A career coach and a support group would be great as well. Put people around you who will encourage you in your search. Laziness is not an option if you really want to work.

Lastly, For job seekers, I truly believe that in the midst of preparing for an interview, looking for a job, interviewing, and networking, you must find a way to have fun. Schedule it! Give yourself permission to go do something you enjoy doing. Reward yourself for accomplishing specific, incremental goals throughout your work week.


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