It is said that a war is won by soldier not by weapons and in fact this at some extent have proved to be true if we look at the great war victories. You will find out that behind every war victory stands some blood and efforts of a soldier. But all these heroes either disappear or fade away with time. Here are some of those forgotten heroes who are considered to be major contributors for winning a war.

Dmitry Donskoy

Priest Dmitry Ivanovich Donskoy who is also known as Dmitry of the Don reigned as the prince of Moscow from 1359 to his death in 1389. He was the 1st Moscow’s price to challenge openly the authorities of the Mongols in Russia. His nickname which was Donskoy had alluded to his victory against the Tatars in the Battle of Kulikovo which had taken place the Don river. People also revered him as the Saint in the Russian Orthodox Church.

Billy Bishop

William Avery Bishop is considered to be Canada’s greatest air ace who had provided his services during WWI had shot down a record making planes i.e 72 which is the figure 2nd to of the Red Baron. He was born in Owen Sound, Ontario on 8th of February he was the 2nd kid of the 3 born to William A. and Margaret Bishop. He was instrumental in setting up and promoting the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

Daniel Inouye

In 1942 Inouye enlisted himself in the US military and soon after he served in Europe WWII had ravaged the continent. He had also served as Hawaii’s congressman for the period of 1959-63 and later as it’s Democratic senator. He was awarded a Medal of Honor and a membership of the President pro tempore of the United States Senate from 2010 till he died in 2012. He is the highest-ranking Asian American politician in the history of USA.